5 ways to stay away from diseases this winter

Winter is approaching, and we couldn’t be happier. The season of winter is apparently loved by many, all thanks to the hot water showers, cozy blankets, sips of coffee, hot cocoa, and much more. Even though winters are the coziest and most comfortable season of the year, the health hazards it brings with it is something that cannot be overlooked and ignored. Ailments such as cold, fever, flu, asthma, body ache, stiffness, and all various other kinds of infections are some of the issues people witness in the cold weather. Even though there are numerous ways to get rid of them and cure them, one should not wait for the problem to arrive when it can be prevented easily. Stepping out of the comfort zone to keep yourself fit and healthy this winter is in your hands. Here are some ways in which you can keep yourself going this winter, without falling sick:


  • Keep Yourself Hydrated - A lot of people say that they don’t really feel thirsty in winters due to the chilly winds, but that doesn’t justify not drinking enough water throughout the day. Because cold and chilly winds can cause severe dryness, it leads to troubles in the body such as itchiness, cold sores, skin peeling, and much more. That is why drinking 2-3 liters of water a day and keeping yourself hydrated in winter is very important.

  • Clean Your Hands and Sanitize - Maintaining good hygiene throughout the entire year is always a good idea. That is why washing your hands with soap and water, and using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer prevents transporting germs from an infected surface to enter your body. With so many infections in the air, we need to maintain our hygiene and avoid contact with infected people and places like public restrooms, etc.

  • Don’t forget to sweat it out - It is considered that our appetite increases in winters than any other time in the year. Hence, it is essential that we maintain our body weight in winters, not just to stay healthy, but to improve our metabolism rate and blood flow, while keeping us warm from the inside. By exercising regularly and getting enough sleep during winters majorly helps in keeping all sorts of infections away. 

  • Take your daily nutrients - The first step to live a healthy life is to eat right. Not only clean eating is a good habit, but it also acts as a lifesaver from various ailments. Consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables in winters not only equips us for the cold but also helps in building our immune system to fight the various contagions revolving around us and prevents them from entering our body.

  • Remember to Moisturize - The season of winter brings along severe roughness, dryness, and patchy skin. That is why the skin needs extra care and protection in winters to fight these problems away. By switching to natural moisturizers such as aloe vera, coconut oil, olive oil, yogurt and more from the kitchen shelf can ensure soft and glowing skin in winters.