What is Depression and Anxiety?

To eradicate or even to tend anything, we are required to get acquaint ourselves with the concern. Similarly to backspace the demons like depression and anxiety from your life you should know about them. Depression can be considered as a zone where a perpetual feeling of dispirited and sorrow is felt. It is not like any regular mood fluctuation situation. Any emotional incident or regular jerks in emotions, taking you graphically down can dwell you towards this condition.

 Anxiety is another side of the same coin, it is an answer by your body to any stress. It can be perceived as fear about what adverse is to come further. It is sometimes useful as it activates your reflexes and updates you with ways to deal with any haphazard or unwilling situation. A most common observation about this anxiety phenomenon is that it is gone when you make peace with your fears, but if you are feeling it too often or regularly, then it can make it hard for you to cope with daily life.

The two antagonists. :-  depression

These two can pave a difficult path for you to lead a normal life. The one who is spending the money on life and earning the coins of depression and anxiety profusely, when comes to the stage of medication for the cure of this wellness is actually beyond blue. The medications for this weed(issues), in the field of your crop (life), is actually a fertilizer which is saving you but leaving your soil (mental health) vulnerable. (by increasing the dependency on these drugs) There are many side-effects of the antidepressants if you are dependent on them or if taking them for a long time.

Hope, a silver lining:-anxiety

In the current scenario and the while riding on the roller coaster of life, one may fall into this trench. But there is nothing in this world which is not repairable, because where there is a will there is a way. India with an ancient blessing of 5,000 years old Ayurveda there is a cure for this problem too. Ayurveda if adopted, one can get immense immune strength in every context. Ayurveda recommends a proper lifestyle to be followed now be it from what to eat, at what time to when to wake up, and go to bed. There are some herbs we are bestowed with by our nature, for instance it is being claimed in a study conducted that “Ashwagandha” (a herb) has helped in decreasing the depression by 79% if taken in a high concentration of 600 mg daily. Similarly herbs like Brahmi, shankpushpi, saffron, turmeric, jatamasi, sarpgandha, etc. can help at large to deduct this phase in anyone’s life. Try to give a shot to Ayurveda and witness the results. To blow away the grey clouds of this mental illness.

What else do you need to fight with this?  depression and anxiety 1

 Remember only herbs or medicines will not work out, the one who is in this bog needs a hand for some intangible help, like a patient of this illness should communicate about his feelings and about his insecurities, his fears or what is that one thing or some factors which are drowning him so badly. This practice of communication can work like a miracle. A patient should be advised or pursued hard to follow a healthy routine, like a wake up early, include some physical activities, eliminate caffeine, alcohols, and smoking from life, try to conceive a healthy diet, meditate, practice deep breathing, take a good quality sleep, and many things to be adopted to tend oneself and to eradicate this weed from roots. At last, this mental illness could be very fatal and can put a question mark on life for the person suffering through this. Take care of our loved ones, establish a bridge of communication so they will not feel alone and make them advent a healthy lifestyle. This is a chronic disease if not treated on the stage of an illness and can coast a life.